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Detailed 3d-recreaction of photo

School task: "Härma bild"

Our teacher at YRGO gave us the choice to either create a room in 3D or trying to recreate a photograph in Blender. I chose a mix of both sort of ...

I decided I wanted to make something different. I think most 3D art you see often is a bit to polished and clean so I asked myself "can you make something less tidy and dirty".

The original photo

When I found the photo on Plexer I started to ask "Can I recreate this?" ... "It might have to much trash and paper everywhere. It might be tideous to make it look right"

Turned out I could.

Early work in progress (1st week)

The process took a bit longer than expected though. What should have been done in a week took almost 3 weeks. Along the way I learned a lot about lighting, materials and shaders to get the right lighting. Also a few tricks on how to make surfaces slightly glossy and bent to make themm catch light correctly in 3d.

Further work in progress
getting there ...

And here is the final result

Final render

Aquarelle / Water Color shaders

Unity, ShaderGraph

During our shader course I worked on some shaders where I wanted to make the surrounding feel like made out of water colors (specifically aquarelle).

I spent a long time just experimenting with combining noises until I found something that felt correct.

Photo by Nika Akin form PxHere

By examinating real painted pictures close I realised that the water often creates edges rather than perfect smooth transition. Since the noise nodes of Shader Graph is often quite smooth in their transitions I added a sampling of a gradient that had less smooth transitions

This made the noise feel more like aquarelle on a paper and I'm pleased with the final result

Configurator: Doors

Unreal project

My first own project in Unreal. Got a good grasp of blueprints.

Especially worked a lot with the UI and my own dropdown-menus since Unreals default ones can't be modified or changed to my liking.

Quite pleased with the simple animation control part of the door opening.

Like A Rat In A Maze

Unity Game (GameJam)

The idea came in a game jam to make a 3rd person rat that needs to run away from the flood.

The project is far from finished but during the process I learnt a lot about baked lightmapping in Unity. I also learnt how to use root-motion for moving a character based on it's animation and apply it to a rigidbody.

A lot of time (5 days) were solely spent on getting the 3rd-person camera to behave and not clip through walls. Following a small rat in tight spaces at heigh speed is hard using a orbiting 3rd-person-view camera