Let your posts in Wordpress be associated with real dates. Each post can have up to 10 different dates and will show up in a configurable calendar widget. Read More


This is a small project of mine that basicly takes dead simple notepads to the web. But there are some rich features hidden within. One feature that is quite unique is that you can add (as a registered user) text ...Read More


Version 1.2 is here! I listened to requests and added a few new features like the possibility to globally disable Wordpress default widgets. Read More


Another plugin built for admins/developers. Help yourself remember what you're working on and what you should do next. Add simple To-Dos to your Wordpress Dashboard. When a task is done you mark it's checkbox. Read More


Simple and powerful. Gives you total control of the background of your Wordpress blog/site . This plug-in adds a style attribute based upon settings set inside an easy-to-use and straight-forward Admin Panel. With Background Control you can change the background instantly. Read More


At the moment I'm upgrading my knowledge of ActionScript to AS3. It's a new territory for me but I've managed to build a simple mp3 player. I call it sweplayer and it's a beta 1 release. It's basicly a simple ...Read More