Every year since 2008 I've been working with the fantastic music festival Parkfesten in Nora. It's me who have made the website each year and also me that's behind posters, flyers, and most PR/marketing things. This year's festival is taking place next ...Read More

Singapore - Photo: Hannes Isaksson

Here is a small collection of some more mellow tracks. Some of these are soundtracks. I've added links to the videos after the titles. Nabooda Sunday is a track I made for a video my friends did. It was never used in ...Read More

Davis Black Grey

Here is a collection of some mashups I made over the years. Enjoy. There is more coming... Read More


2000-2005 This is an archive of tunes I made during 2000-2005. Some of them recorded with Logic with "real midi gear" and some of them recorded with Propellerheads Reason. Most of the tracks are club-orientated music with an electronic sound. Read More


Made a music video for Wake Up back in 2003. Putting a new bigger version online today. Read More


At the moment I'm upgrading my knowledge of ActionScript to AS3. It's a new territory for me but I've managed to build a simple mp3 player. I call it sweplayer and it's a beta 1 release. It's basicly a simple ...Read More