Every year since 2008 I've been working with the fantastic music festival Parkfesten in Nora. It's me who have made the website each year and also me that's behind posters, flyers, and most PR/marketing things. This year's festival is taking place next ...Read More


My Macbook started to misbehave today. So when I got back home I had to do a classic quick repair. Staring the MacBook in disk target mode connected to my mini. After running disk utility the problems found has now ...Read More


Currently in Luleå. It's cold and snowy in a nice way. I'm here visiting my grandparents. They have a wonderful small cabin in the corner of their big garden. This is where I go and work when I'm up here. ...Read More


Made a music video for Wake Up back in 2003. Putting a new bigger version online today. Read More

love Helvetica

I restart, relaunch and re-establish this website. The old one was boring. The new one is based on a theme I fell in love with directly. It's called Neutica and is (heavily) based on the font Helvetica. A few hacks later and ...Read More

Today the idea struck me that a cheap ordinary pc game pad should be able to control stuff in my Ableton Live. I searche youtube for clips and found that it can be done. Without much more thought I went ...Read More